UPDATE Apache Sitgreaves NF | New public meetings scheduled

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The Apache Sigreaves National Forest has created two additional public meetings.

Below you will find an email from the Forest Service. If you are subscribed to email updates, then you should have got the same. The forest service has received approximately 530 comments since we originally published the article about Rim Road (Forest Road 300) being closed under the forest service proposal.

If you can attend this meeting, it’s important you mention the Arizona Law ARS 37-931 that guarantees these trails stay open. The attorney general talks about it in good length and detail.

It’s also important that those who know the area spent some time reviewing the Revised DEIS vol. 1 and vol.2.

Follow the links in this post and educate yourself on the changes being made to our Public lands.

Travel Management Project Home Page

Revised DEIS vol. 1 and vol.2. (.pdf)

Use the online comment form HERE.

Use the online comment map HERE.

Public Meetings

October 23, 2019 @ 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Alpine Community Center
12 County Road 2061
Alpine, AZ 85920

October 24, 2019 @ 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Heber-Overgaard Fire District 
2061 Lumber Valley Road 
Overgaard, AZ 85933

Forest Service Email

Dear Interested Party, 

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests are holding additional public meetings for those interested in commenting on the Revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Revised DEIS) for the Public Motorized Travel Management Plan in Apache, Coconino, Greenlee, and Navajo Counties on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. The Revised DEIS vol. 1 vol.2 describes all alternatives in detail and more information, including all project links, can be found in the Travel Management Project Home Page.

These meetings during the comment period are to share information on the Revised DEIS, answer questions, and discuss how to comment on this project. Our open house meetings will provide a self-guided setting where the public can browse the information. Subject matter experts will also be on-hand to answer questions. Please feel free to join us at any time during the public participation opportunities listed below.

For questions and requests regarding this action, including requests for a hard copy of the Revised DEIS, please contact the travel management hotline at 928-333-6267 or send an email to asnftravel@fs.fed.us. If you haven’t provided comments already, see the attached letter for information and instructions on how to provide comments. We value public participation and hope you will share your comments on this project. Thank you for your interest in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. 

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests

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