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The Arizona Pioneer Expedition is an 850 mile, 2 week-long 4×4 adventure that will take you through the most challenging backroads in central Arizona. Traveling from east to west, this route will take you from Alpine to Kingman Arizona using 95% dirt.

The Arizona Pioneer Trail is the most obnoxious adventure trail we have developed yet. With over 3 years of planning and preparation, we gave up on this project last year but have decided to release it as is. This trail will eventually connect to Sand Hollow, Utah, and link with our upcoming 4 Corners Expedition to make a complete loop through 5 states.

There are several extremely technical backroads on this trail that will require superb driving skills and vehicle damage is possible. You will encounter technical obstacles, high mountain shelf roads, deep mud and sand, and sketchy washouts. Trail repair may be required.

There are a few detours on this route that avoid technical sections but many technical sections are unavoidable. There are also a few of Arizona’s popular backroads incorporated into this route such as Four Peaks, Cherry Creek, and both front and back ways to Crown King.


DifficultyIntermediate – Expert
Time10-14 days
LandBLM, USFS, AZTL, Private
Fuel Stint 183 miles


This route is not for the faint of heart. It is recommended that you do not go alone. A minimum of a 2-inch lift, 33-inch tires, skid plates, and rock sliders are necessary to complete this route. It is recommended that you carry extra fuel and utilize every fuel stop.

This route will take you approximately two weeks to complete from end to end, with plenty of time to explore the surrounding attractions.

Trail Write-ups

Sierra Ancha Mountains Loop – Cherry Creek Trip Report
Boulder Pass Trail | The alternative route to Crown King
Video – Rawhide Wash Slot Canyon is a worthy destination

Important information

This route contains technical obstacles and should not be attempted alone. Make sure to have recovery equipment, spare tire, and extra fuel for every vehicle in your crew.

There are sections of this route that may be closing with the implementation of the tonto National Forest Travel Management Plan. We will update the route and release a new download.

State Trust Land Permit recommended.


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