Vulture Mine Expedition

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The Vulture Mountains are responsible for building the passion and desire we cling to every weekend. Full of some of the most expensive documented history in Arizona, the Vulture Mountains and Hassayampa Plane are riddled with tails of lost treasure, bloody conflict, and some of the richest gold strikes in American History.

The home of Arizona’s Gold Rush, the Vulture Mountains provide endless opportunities for adventure and gives the user a chance to put their rig to the test.

Along these routes, you will find 3 Arches, 3 crested Saguaro cactuses, several abandoned mines, some extremely challenging trails, and of course the Famous Vulture Mine that you can still visit today.

You can expect to encounter challenging obstacles, washed-out trails, steep hills, hub height boulders, and narrow pinstriping trails.


DifficultyNovice- Intermediate
Miles30+ min
Time1-2 days
LandBLM, AZTL, Private
Fuel Stint 30 miles

River Information

Current Hassayampa River Flowrate.


The entire area is riddled with abandoned mines in addition to the famous Vulture Mine where, in 1865, Henry Wickenburg discovered one of the richest gold deposits in Arizona history. You will find crested saguaro cactuses, natural arches, and tall mountain peaks. This collection also includes the Harquahella backcountry byway that takes you to the site of a 1800s US Military Helograph station and observatory where the US Military could send Holographic messages as far as the Salton Sea.

Use our POI collection to find all the cool things nearby.


Most lightly modified 4×4 vehicles with a minimum of a 2-inch lift and 33-inch tires will do just fine on these trials. Make sure to carry a spare tire as the rock in this area is notorious for slashing tires. Watch out for open verticle mineshafts and stay away from the private property to the south.

Trail Write-ups

There are currently no write-ups for this collection.

Important information

This collection contains technical obstacles and should not be attempted alone.

DO NOT attempt to cross the Hassayampa River when it’s flowing. When starting in Wickenburg, be sure to check the river conditions. Be aware of quicksand in the Hassayampa River.

State Trust Land Permit recommended.


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