The Great Western Trail | Arizona Route

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Route Information

Route Description


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The Great Western Trail is a 3000+ mile multiple-use trail that travels from Mexico to Canada. This route is the original Arizona section of the Great Western Trail. The route incorporates some of Arizona’s well-known scenic drives, such as Mount Lemon, Pioneer Pass, Four Peaks, Seven Springs Rd, Cherry Rd, and several others.

You can complete this route in sections. There are several opportunities to bail out, fuel up, and get groceries.


Time5-6 days
LandBLM, USDA FS, AZTL, Tribal
Elevation1,300-10,000 Ft.
StintApproximately 180 mi.

Trail Write-ups

Currently, there are no trail write-ups on this route.


There isn’t much to see directly along this route, but exploring some side trails will take you to some incredible destinations. There are several abandon mines, old cabins, and even state parks to visit. I would suggest downloading our POI collection and choose some destinations.

Among these locations are the historic town of Lochiel and the Marcos de Niza monument, American Flag Ranch, monster cactuses near Mammoth, and several fishing destinations.


The route is super easy and suitable for any lightly equipped 4wd truck or SUV. Wet weather conditions may change that. You must be prepared to spend at least three days without services. Extra fuel is not required.

Important information

The Navajo Nation section of this route is currently closed.

Arizona State Parks and Trails is currently developing a management plan for the entire trail. Expect re-routes and changes to this route sometime soon.



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