Tonto National Forest Collection

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The Tonto National Forest collection will provide you with a chance to escape the crowds in one of the most visited National Forests in the United States. You will find solitude and the most incredible campsites in the Tonto National Forest.

These routes consist of highly technical 4×4 trails to county-maintained roads and give users of all skill levels a chance to enjoy the most isolated places in the Tonto National Forest. Expect to encounter steep loose hills, washed-out shelf roads, deep mud, and

You will find several incredible places to explore including the cabins of long-lost Arizona pioneer Fred Pranty and the last Apache chief DelShay. You will also find several archeological sites, cabins, abandon mines, and abandon cars.


DifficultyNovice- Intermediate
Miles30+ min
Time1-2 days
LandUSFS, AZTL, Private
Fuel Stint 30 miles


The Tonto National Forest is full of interesting places and endless opportunities for adventure. Along these tracks, you will find multiple old cabins, abandoned mines, archeological sites, and incredible campsites.

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Most lightly modified 4×4 vehicles with a minimum of a 2-inch lift and 33-inch tires will do just fine.

Trail Write-ups

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Gold Tooth Pranty | The Arizona pioneer who was lost in history

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1,853 miles of backroads closed | Tonto NF

Important information

This collection contains technical obstacles and should not be attempted alone.

The Tonto National Forest is closing over 1,800 miles of roads any day now. In addition to this, they are designating over 2,000 dispersed campsites and prohibiting the typical 30-foot rule from the trail.

You are advised, many of these routes may be closing soon.

State Trust Land Permit recommended.

Kevin Allard
Author: Kevin Allard

Kevin is an American outdoorsman born and raised in rural Arizona who grew up exploring the Arizona backcountry with his father. Today, he and his son travel to the most remote regions of Arizona, scavenging for the remains of early western pioneers. As a lifelong outdoorsman, Kevin has learned to stick close to his roots while engaging in important advocacy work regarding motorized access to public lands. You can find his work in many local and nationwide publications, including The Western Journal, 4Low Magazine, and his website


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