Bradshaw Mountains Expedition

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The Bradshaw Mountains are full of the most exciting and challenging 4×4 trails in Arizona. You can expect trails that will put you and your rig to the test. Expect to encounter washed-out trails, diff dragging boulders, deep sand, waterfall obstacles, and narrow shelf roads. Body damage, vehicle failure, and pin stripping are possible—everything from mild to wild in this collection, with most trails leading to Crown King, Arizona.

The Bradshaw Mountains have a rich, documented history and played a pivotal role in Arizona’s early statehood. The region is home to the World Famous Castle Hotsprings Resort, where the first telephone line in Arizona strung over the desert floor.

In this collection, you will find Bradshaw city, which in the 1860s was home to over 15,000 miners and was considered the most significant mining town in Arizona. You will also find the gravesite of Isaac Bradshaw, a California Silver Miner who struck it rich near Crown King.


DifficultyNovice- Intermediate
MilesDepends on route
Time1-3 days
LandBLM, USFS, AZTL, Private
Max ElevationApproximately 7,000 ft
Fuel Stint 80+ miles


The Bradshaw Mountains are full of abandoned places, gravesites, abandoned mines, and other historical places to explore on public and state land.

Use our POI collection to find all the cool things nearby.


Most lightly modified 4×4 vehicles with a minimum of a 2-inch lift and 33-inch tires will do just fine on these trials. Many of these roads are lightly used. Like always, be prepared for anything and never go alone.

Trail Write-ups

Buckskin Canyon, Hassayampa River Wilderness, and the UFO mine

Boulder Pass Trail | The alternative route to Crown King

Day four | Crown King and the Swastika Mine

Important information

This collection contains technical obstacles and should not be attempted alone.

There is a lot of private land along these routes. Please be respectful and don’t trespass on private land.

State Trust Land Permit recommended.


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