MUST SEE | A Stunning Confession From The Sierra Club

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You wouldn’t believe what the Sierra Club has just admitted to

Following the riots nationwide, several environmental groups are now apologizing for the racist roots in American Environmentalism. 

This is stunning. I never in a million years thought that I would see environmental groups expose their racist, evil roots in the American environmental movement. Still, here we are, in 2020, and it seems like anything is possible. 

Amid the fatal police interaction with George Floyd, several environmental groups are coming clean, exposing a lot of evil and wrongdoing. It’s always been known that nearly every environmental group is leaning hard left on the political spectrum, especially when it comes to those who want to close our backroads. Their ideology has caused them to commit acts of terrorism, become un-American, and follow a socialist, Marxist path to Lala land. Hence the Green New Deal.


Recently I came across a post on Facebook from Ben Beachy, director of A Living Economy, a part of the Sierra Club who claims to advocate for trade. On their website, they claim to seek “Green New Deal policies,” that according to them, “will create good jobs and build climate resilience.” In this post, Ben was claiming to attend the last fallen statue in DC, and just three days later, the Sierra Club director Michael Brune releases a bombshell confession titled “Pulling Down Our Monuments.”

John Muir’s racist roots

John Muir is considered the father of America’s National Parks, and he is also the founder of the Sierra Club. He successfully advocated for the designation of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Parks. In a recent publication on the Sierra Clubs website, they completely smear their own organization’s founding members as racist. 

In the article, they mention that John Muir made derogatory comments towards Natives and other people of color. Brune also mentions other early Sierra Club leaders, such as David Star Jordan. Jordan was a eugenicist and worked with the notorious Margret Sanger of Planned Parenthood. He spent his life advocating for population control and forced sterilization for African, Native, Latin, and poor women. He also co-founded the Human Betterment Foundation that shaped Nazi Germany’s mass extinction program. David Star Jordan was a national socialist, and along with John Muir, they are both glorified by modern environmentalists.

Historically, the Sierra Club has used wilderness designation to drive natives off their land and widely opposed Latin immigration. They believed immigration would destroy the environment and continuously advocated for black segregation. Their founding principles have deep roots in eugenics, population control, and other crazy theories that targeted people of color.

John Muir has made his way deep into American history. Several schools, a glacier, two national monuments, a highway, a library, and even a minor planet named in his honor. Now that the Sierra Club is advocating for the removal of historical statues of folks who were racist, are they going to tear down their own founder?


Click HERE to visit the Sierra Club’s website to read their confession.

Several articles are floating around that are pushing a completely twisted story of the truth. The media is claiming that the Sierra Club was pushing “right-wing ideology” in the 1890s. This is not true. Republicans widely opposed western expansion, and Democrats wanted to take Mexico and parts of Canada. 
Nothing in the Sierra Club has changed over the past 128 years. They still want to take land away from the people and lock it up under protection. Today, they extort the goodwill of the people and use native folks as a prop for their agenda. The Sierra Club continues to harm Natives by holding back economic growth and placing their land under massive restrictions. Because of the racist white men of the Sierra Club, Native Americans live under failed socialist policies that keep them in poverty, just what John Muir wanted.
I say free the Native Americans from environmental restrictions and let them prosper from the fertile, rich land, but that’s just me.
Kevin Allard
Author: Kevin Allard

Kevin is an American outdoorsman born and raised in rural Arizona who grew up exploring the Arizona backcountry with his father. Today, he and his son travel to the most remote regions of Arizona, scavenging for the remains of early western pioneers. As a lifelong outdoorsman, Kevin has learned to stick close to his roots while engaging in important advocacy work regarding motorized access to public lands. You can find his work in many local and nationwide publications, including The Western Journal, 4Low Magazine, and his website


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