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  • Gabby Petito’s death just turned into a racial issue
    It never sizes to amaze me how low people will go exploit anything that could benefit the radical leftist whistles for inequality.
  • Now that’s environmental justice!
    There will come a point when federal regulations become so erroneous that we will eventually become criminals for simply camping in the wrong place. If you think im kidding, just take a look at what recently happened to the woman at Yellowstone National Park. The Department of Justice just brought […]
  • “Explosive Diarrhea” while fighting the Tussock Fire
    While fighting the Tussock Fire south of Crown King, 49 personnel, including members of the Hotshot Crew, the division supervisor, and several others, found themselves in a shitty situation.
  • AZ Trail Management Plan prohibits the inheritance of grazing rights
    We previously wrote about the Arizona Trail management plan in the works through various national forests in Arizona. It’s an attempt to designate a one-mile-wide easement along the length of the trail and create an “all lands approach” to its future management. The management plan introduces a one-mile-wide easement along […]

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