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  • The Mount Graham Affair | The dispute over a small bible camp in Arizona
    The incredible story behind the fight to save a small church camp near Safford Arizona and the affair over the Mount Graham Red Squirrel.
  • A city ordinance just banned OHV events in Moab
    For decades, Moab, Utah has been a top destination for 4×4 events, but not anymore. Moab, Utah is possibly one of the most well-known 4×4 destinations in the world. Moab trails are known as some of the most challenging and scenic backroads you will find in western America. 
  • The Arizona Trail | The most significant threat to rural Arizona
    Today, federal land managers are getting ready to introduce a Comprehensive Management Plan for the Arizona National Scenic Trail, and this plan could erase many motorized roads off the map. This is possibly the most significant threat to motorized access, agriculture, and mineral operations Arizona has ever seen.
  • A twenty year prohibition on motorized access now lifted
    Several forest orders in the Coconino National Forest expired on the first of the year. These forest orders have been holding many of northern Arizonas best 4×4 trails and campsites hostage. As far as we can tell, some of these roads are still open on the MVUM.
  • Objection Open for the Fossil Creek Management Plan
    The public has a chance to object to the final decision of the Fossil Creek Management Plan and Forest Plan Amendment in Arizona.
  • Comments Open | New changes to the Rangeland Management Program
    The US Forest Service is seeking comments from the public on new changes to the Rangeland Management Program.

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  • The ultimate source of offroad and 4×4 trails in Arizona
    If you haven’t seen the Arizona Backcountry Explorers Adventure Map, then you’re missing out! If you haven’t seen the Arizona Backcountry Explorers Adventure Map, then you’re missing out! This map will blow your mind and provide you with endless 4×4 adventure destinations. You can view it and download it right from our website.
  • Circling the four corners | Arizona Utah Colorado and New Mexico
    The long-awaited adventure around the four corners  The everlasting desire to see something new and experience life from a different perspective will drive us towards more and more adventure. Our time in the backcountry, no matter where we are, gives us a chance to escape the pressure of daily life. Despite the negativity in the […]
  • The Dirty Verde Expedition | Itinerary, map, and GPS track
  • The crested saguaro cactus | Arizona’s majestic beauty
    Among the thousands of saguaro cactuses in Arizona, there are a few who stand out from the rest. Most humans give them no attention as we pass by daily. Maybe the saguaro blends in with the rest. Or perhaps they are just disregarded as a freak of nature.
  • The ultimate guide to camping in Arizona
    Escape the crowds and go camping in the Arizona backcountry. I have been asked many times, “where is the best place to camp?” My response is always the same, Arizona. Our excess of public land allows us to camp nearly anywhere in the state. Not including private property, most areas are open for camping. With […]
  • Parashant expedition two | A 4×4 journey to the heart of the Grand Canyon.
    The Grand Canyon is one of the largest canyons in the world. Most people will never get a chance to experience most of this natural wonder. To reach many of the canyons overlooks, you must have a highly modified 4×4, superb driving skills, days to spend, and a full tank of extra fuel. Don’t forget your camera, because you’re going to need it!

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